Source code for granary.pixelfed

"""Pixelfed source class, heavily based on Mastodon.

Pixelfed's API is a clone of Mastodon's.
import logging
import urllib

from . import mastodon

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] class Pixelfed(mastodon.Mastodon): """Pixelfed source class.""" NAME = 'Pixelfed' TYPE_LABELS = { 'post': 'post', 'comment': 'comment', 'repost': 'share', 'like': 'like', }
[docs] def user_url(self, username): return urllib.parse.urljoin(self.instance, urllib.parse.quote(username))
[docs] def status_url(self, username, id): """Returns the local instance URL for a status with a given id.""" return urllib.parse.urljoin(self.instance, f'/p/{urllib.parse.quote(username)}/{id}')
[docs] def get_activities_response(self, *args, **kwargs): if kwargs.get('fetch_mentions'):"Ignoring fetch_mentions=True since Pixelfed doesn't yet support notifications") kwargs['fetch_mentions'] = False return super().get_activities_response(*args, **kwargs)