Source code for granary.rss

"""Convert between ActivityStreams and RSS 2.0.

RSS 2.0 spec:

Apple iTunes Podcasts feed requirements:

* Valid RSS 2.0.
* Each podcast item requires <guid>.
* Images should be JPEG or PNG, 1400x1400 to 3000x3000.
* HTTP server that hosts assets and files should support range requests.
from datetime import datetime, time
import logging
import mimetypes

from feedgen.feed import FeedGenerator
import mf2util
from oauth_dropins.webutil import util

from . import microformats2

# allowed ActivityStreams objectTypes for media enclosures
ENCLOSURE_TYPES = {'audio', 'video'}

[docs]def from_activities(activities, actor=None, title=None, feed_url=None, home_page_url=None, hfeed=None): """Converts ActivityStreams activities to an RSS 2.0 feed. Args: activities: sequence of ActivityStreams activity dicts actor: ActivityStreams actor dict, the author of the feed title: string, the feed title feed_url: string, the URL for this RSS feed home_page_url: string, the home page URL hfeed: dict, parsed mf2 h-feed, if available Returns: unicode string with RSS 2.0 XML """ try: iter(activities) except TypeError: raise TypeError('activities must be iterable') if isinstance(activities, (dict, str)): raise TypeError('activities may not be a dict or string') fg = FeedGenerator() assert feed_url, rel='self') if home_page_url:, rel='alternate') # TODO: parse language from lang attribute: # fg.language('en') fg.generator('granary', uri='') hfeed = hfeed or {} actor = actor or {} image = (util.get_url(hfeed.get('properties', {}), 'photo') or util.get_url(actor, 'image')) if image: fg.image(image) props = hfeed.get('properties') or {} content = microformats2.get_text(util.get_first(props, 'content', '')) summary = util.get_first(props, 'summary', '') desc = content or summary or '-' fg.description(desc) # required fg.title(title or util.ellipsize(desc)) # required latest = None feed_has_enclosure = False for activity in activities: obj = activity.get('object') or activity if obj.get('objectType') == 'person': continue item = fg.add_entry() url = obj.get('url') id = obj.get('id') or url item.guid(url, permalink=True) # title (required) title = (obj.get('title') or obj.get('displayName') or util.ellipsize(obj.get('content', '-'))) # strip HTML tags title = util.parse_html(title).get_text('').strip() item.title(title) content = microformats2.render_content( obj, include_location=True, render_attachments=True, render_image=True) if not content: content = obj.get('summary') if content: item.content(content, type='CDATA') categories = [ {'term': t['displayName']} for t in obj.get('tags', []) if t.get('displayName') and t.get('verb') not in ('like', 'react', 'share') and t.get('objectType') not in ('article', 'person', 'mention')] item.category(categories) author = obj.get('author', {}) author = { 'name': author.get('displayName') or author.get('username'), 'uri': author.get('url'), 'email': author.get('email') or '-', } published = obj.get('published') or obj.get('updated') if published and isinstance(published, str): try: dt = mf2util.parse_datetime(published) if not isinstance(dt, datetime): dt = datetime.combine(dt, time.min) if not dt.tzinfo: dt = dt.replace(tzinfo=util.UTC) item.published(dt) if not latest or dt > latest: latest = dt except ValueError: # bad datetime string pass item_has_enclosure = False for att in obj.get('attachments', []): stream = util.get_first(att, 'stream') or att if not stream: continue url = stream.get('url') or '' mime = mimetypes.guess_type(url)[0] or '' if (att.get('objectType') in ENCLOSURE_TYPES or mime and mime.split('/')[0] in ENCLOSURE_TYPES): if item_has_enclosure:'Warning: item %s already has an RSS enclosure, skipping additional enclosure %s', id, url) continue item_has_enclosure = feed_has_enclosure = True item.enclosure(url=url, type=mime, length=str(stream.get('size', ''))) item.load_extension('podcast') duration = stream.get('duration') if duration: item.podcast.itunes_duration(duration) if feed_has_enclosure: fg.load_extension('podcast') fg.podcast.itunes_author(actor.get('displayName') or actor.get('username')) if summary: fg.podcast.itunes_summary(summary) fg.podcast.itunes_explicit('no') fg.podcast.itunes_block(False) name = author.get('name') if name: fg.podcast.itunes_author(name) if image: fg.podcast.itunes_image(image) fg.podcast.itunes_category(categories) if latest: fg.lastBuildDate(latest) return fg.rss_str(pretty=True).decode('utf-8')